Tutorial: Ulzzang Makeup Look

I’ve been addicted to anything South Korean these past few months, even I call my parents Eomeoni and Abeoji (Eomeoni/Eomma = Mother/Mom | Abeoji/Appa = Father/Dad) I’m also planning to call my older brother Oppa when I get the chance. Hahaha. I’ve also been eating Korean food for 2 weeks now. It’s crazy!

When Kpop started making noise, I was like “What the hell is this shit?”
Yes, that time I was still stuck with my most beloved MandoPop. F4/JVKV was still my favorite Asian boy group and Ken Zhu was still my one and only bias.

Hallyu wave was already alive late 90’s, but it didn’t made that much noise until the mid 00’s, so I was pretty uneducated when it comes to Kpop. So much so, I was intimidated when I first heard Wonder Girl’s Nobody. I was so overwhelmed that I became one of those Kpop haters out there.

2010 came and I was introduced to Taeyang’s music. When I first watched his music video for Wedding Dress, I remember feeling weird because he kinda sound like Chris Brown. But then I started liking him because he’s freaking good-looking. Haha. I didn’t know he was a member of Bigbang. I know who Bigbang was and that time my favorite (and the only one I really know) was TOP, but I could care less because I was still pretty much into MandoPop.

But just recently, I just became a Kpop enthusiast. I don’t even know exactly when, why and how it happened. It just hit me big time and I find myself sometimes crying like a crazy person whenever there’s something Kpop-related cute video pops out on youtube.

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Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush Review

Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush Box

Selling Price: Php 600

Yes! I finally have my Charm Flat Top Brush! It was out of stock everywhere when I finally decide on buying it, but it’s available again, so I suggest you get one or two of this baby before they run out of stock again.

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