My Makeup Brush Collection.

I love Makeup Brushes. Aside from Makeup itself, I have a pretty reasonable amount of Makeup Brush on my collection. It’s not a lot but it’s slowly growing. And I am not planning on stopping any time.

Without Makeup Brushes, I’ll probably be lost in space by now. Some people can apply eyeshadow and blushers without the help of brushes, but I can’t. I don’t know why but I just can’t, that’s why I am really keen on buying more Brushes than makeup itself.

Here are my Brush collection. Again, it’s not a lot but I am going there. It’s slowly growing. 🙂


 L to R: 2 N°35 Shading/Concealer Brush, 2 N°37 Pencil Brush, N°32 Blush Brush, N°4 Foundation Brush and N°30 Powder Brush

Dollface Cosmetics 7 piece Brush set

 L to R:  Precise Eyeliner Brush, Angled Eyeliner Brush,  Shading/Concealer Brush, Blending Brush, Spoolie/Mascara Wand and Eyebrow Comb and Brush. The 7th piece was a blush brush. I gave it to my best friend.


L to R: Professional Eye Shadow Brush and Stipple Brush

Charm Essentials Vegan Brush

 L to R: Crease Blending Brush and Precise Lip Brush

Assorted Brushes

L to R: 2 Fashion 21 Blending Brushes, Nichido Kabuki Brush and Ellana Minerals Blush Brush

Love & Beauty by: Forever 21 5 piece Brush

L to R: Angled Eyebrow/Eyeliner Brush, Small Shading/Concealer Brush, Large Shading/Concealer Brush, Foundation Brush and Powder brush

And the newest addition to the family…

Ecotools Bamboo 6 piece Eye Brush Set

L to R: Smudge Brush, Shading Brush, Highlight Brush, Angled Crease Brush and Blending Brush. The sixth piece was the travel pouch it came with.

I am very happy with my recent collection. I also pretty much have a lot of Brush sets in my wishlist. And of course I’ll do my best to collect more for personal reasons. And yes, I do use all of my brushes, nothing is left out. Everything is my favorite. Haha!

Hope you enjoy reading. Until next blog!



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